The Benefits of Going VIRTUAL

Having a Virtual Assistant (VA) is one of the best ventures you’ll make as a Real Estate Investor. Like all parts of a Real Estate business, they require an investment of your cash and time. A minimal investment is required to train VA’s on your requirements. What’s more, you’ll have to offer them some assistance with getting the occupation done right — more in the onset and considerably less over the long haul.

In return, a VA will help you to produce significantly more cash than you are paying (presenting to you a rate of return that would make any financial specialist desirous). Furthermore, they will spare you endless hours for each additional hour you spend creating them.

Albeit many Real Estate investors try to do it all themselves, or think they can’t bear the cost of a VA but here’s why you need a VA.

You will accomplish more DEALS. Advertising is most likely the best thing to contract. Allow the VA to execute ALL of your marketing campaigns. They can assemble records, print letters, make calls, stuff envelopes, purchase supplies, search for valuing, and do a lot of different things that produce leads for you.

You want to be PROFESSIONAL. Your trained VA makes you look effective, composed, and dependable. Your credibility with buyers, lenders and sellers will expand. In turn, you to get more offers accepted and homes SOLD. Lenders will recognize you as a professional business and will feel more secure funding your deals.

Less STRESS in your life. Nobody likes suffocating in work. Who wants more work than you can handle. Having a VA will reduce the load, particularly when there are tasks that you prefer not to complete.

You will build a TEAM. Having a VA will help you to hone your abilities at procuring, preparing, and managing a team. They are the perfect “starter worker” in light of the fact that they are not hard to discover and can promptly start doing straightforward assignments for you ASAP. VA’s can jump-start your business on DAY 1.

You will have a LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN. Isn’t this a reason why you got into Real Estate? When I began my Real Estate business, I had dreams of lying around on the shoreline some place, carrying on with the great life while PASSIVE INCOME poured in. However, there’s really a considerable measure of work involved. But a VA will give you your life back so you can enjoy LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN with your family.

Proper research is a must when hiring VA’s; we’ve hired/fired many VA’s. Our best advice is to hire multiple VA’s for certain tasks. Our first mistake was overloading one VA with too many tasks, which set the VA up for failure. Hire VA’s and free up your time. A good VA won’t just help you to develop your business — they will give you your life back.

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